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The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., will remove portions of its stained glass windows bearing the Confederate battle flag, the Washington Post reported. The windows themselves commemorating Confederate Gens. Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee will remain in the cathedral for now, but the church will use their presence to organize a series of events examining "race and racial justice," Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas, the Cathedral’s canon theologian, said.

The effort to remove the Confederate flags comes a year after the cathedral’s then-dean Rev. Gary Hall questioned their placement in the church, shortly after the massacre of nine African Americans in a South Carolina black church by a white supremacist spurred a national debate over the flag's role in society.

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Donald Trump may have released a watered-down statement and given a tempered primary night speech after the onslaught of GOP condemnations he received for his attacks of a federal judge, but he's not ready to back down fully yet.

On Sean Hannity's Fox News show Tuesday evening, Trump said he did not regret the comments he made about U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over lawsuits against Trump University.

"I like to say what it is, and so many people are now seeing that this whole thing is a disgrace," Trump said.

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As the Democratic primary comes close to wrapping up, Bernie Sanders' campaign is planning to lay off at least half its staff, the New York Times reported. The move comes after Hillary Clinton reportedly has secured the delegates necessary to win the nomination, though Sanders has showed few signs of backing down from his vow to take the race all the way to the convention.

The New York Times based its report on two unnamed sources: a current campaign official and a former staffer. Some of the campaign staff departing the campaign may find positions in his Senate office, the report said.

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Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton speak at a rally in Brooklyn as results come in from the New Jersey, California, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota primaries. Her speech comes the day after AP reported she had earned the delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination.

She is expected speak around 10 p.m. ET. Watch live here.

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Donald Trump gave a relatively subdued primary night speech Tuesday notable not because it marked any landmark wins (as the last GOP candidate standing, he was expected to win all of the night's contests), but because it came after a week of controversy over Trump's attacks on a federal judge.

On Tuesday, after facing heavy criticisms from even his fellow Republicans, Trump read what sounded like as close as he's gotten to a typical stump speech. He also did not take questions from the press.

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Donald Trump promised in primary night remarks Tuesday that he would deliver a "major" speech "probably Monday of next week" to discuss "all of the things that have taken place with the Clintons."

His remarks Tuesday name-checked some of Republicans' favorite controversies surrounding presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, including her private email server.

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Primary nights in New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana and South Dakota offer Donald Trump a victory lap, while the Democratic primaries will be closely watched, even as Hillary Clinton has reportedly secured the delegates necessary for the Dem nomination. Her rival Bernie Sanders has pledged to stay in the race, perhaps as late as the convention. Here’s how Tuesday evening’s events are expected to unfold:

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Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), the chair of the Foreign Relations committee who has been supportive of Donald Trump's candidacy, said it was "wrong" for Trump to attack a federal judge on the basis of ethnicity. But Corker also told reporters Tuesday on Capitol Hill that he was "hopeful" Trump was "going to move into a very different place."

"I'm hopeful that when you see me in three weeks here in the hallway this is not the conversation we’re having, but we are having a conversation about policies," he said.

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A top surrogate for Donald Trump said Tuesday that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) was "playing the race card" for condemning Trump's recent attacks on a federal judge because of his Mexican heritage. Earlier in the day, Ryan called Trump's comments about the judge the "textbook definition" of racism.

"Speaker Ryan is wrong and Speaker Ryan has apparently switched positions and is supporting identity politics, which is racist," Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord, a member of the Reagan administration, said on CNN Tuesday when asked about Ryan's concerns.

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