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On election eve, the University of Virginia's respected Center for Politics is predicting Hillary Clinton will be the country's 45th president.

"Not even on Clinton’s worst campaign days did we ever have her below 270 electoral votes," the team at University of Virginia wrote.

The team predicts that Clinton will win Tuesday with 322 electoral votes compared to Trump's 216 and that the U.S. Senate will be tied 50-50 with Vice President Tim Kaine serving as its tie breaker.

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Donald Trump's narrow path to the White House runs straight through Florida. But in the swing county of Miami-Dade, early voting numbers show Trump may be in trouble thanks to a booming Latino voter turnout.

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When early voting ended in Nevada's largest Clark County Friday night, Democrats had a nearly 73,000 vote advantage, larger than President Obama had four years ago when he won the state by 7 points.

The stats were gathered by Nevada's premier political reporter Jon Ralston, who wrote Saturday morning that Trump "needs a Miracle in Vegas on Election Day" to pull out a win in Nevada now.

Statewide – and without all the rural counties counted– it looked as if Democrats had a roughly 45,000 vote advantage in Nevada, Ralston reported. That translates into about a 6-point Democratic lead already banked going into Election Day, a sign that Clinton may pull out a win there and assist Democrats down ballot, too.

The highly contested race to fill the Senate seat of the retiring Harry Reid could determine who controls the Senate, giving the Nevada early voting numbers even more national significance.

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If Republicans had hoped to improve their performance in 2016 with minority voters, it's likely they'll be in for a reckoning Tuesday.

In the final days of his campaign, Trump has changed nothing about the way he talks about Latinos and African-American voters – core Democratic constituencies that seem to be turning out so far for Clinton in early voting.

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