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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told reporters Tuesday on Capitol Hill that his preference is for the new Congress to move immediately to repeal Obamacare, and then deal with passing a replacement plan later.

"My personal belief and nothing has been decided yet. I would [move through] and repeal and then go to work on replacing," McCarthy said. "I think once it is repealed you will have, hopefully, fewer people playing politics."

McCarthy argued that Democrats may be incentivized to come to the table then, but he didn't say what the time frame for replace the Affordable Care Act would be..

"Look we are going to start on this right away. I don't want to get into timeline," McCarthy said.

The one thing McCarthy did say was that he didn't see an opportunity to repeal Obamacare before January 20.

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The video was chilling. Footage from a conference in Washington, D.C. over the weekend of the innocuously named National Policy Institute showed attendees thrusting their arms in the air in a Nazi salute as the man at the front of the room yelled “hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!”

The Trump transition team responded with a vague statement about the white nationalist conference, distancing the President-elect broadly from racism. There was no specific denouncement of the meeting, however, or its leader, Richard Spencer, a young man who has spent the last few years laying the groundwork to modernize the white nationalist movement.

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On the campaign trail, President-elect Donald Trump promised not to touch Medicare or Social Security, but Trump's selection of Tom Leppert to lead the "landing team" at the Social Security Administration may suggest Trump's administration could move in a different direction.

CNN flagged Monday that Leppert, a former Dallas mayor, has been on record supporting the privatization of Medicare and Social Security.

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Republicans can repeal and replace Obamacare as soon as January now that they have the House, the Senate and the White House at their fingertips, but Senate Democrats aren't so sure they can actually follow through.

After years of Republican campaign ads railing against Obama's signature health care law, rumors of death panels and fear mongering over government-controlled health care, Democrats are waiting for Republicans to unveil their big repeal and replace plan.

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