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On Face the Nation this morning Sen. Lindsey Graham said he spoke to Attorney General Barr this morning and he has established a new “process” by which Rudy Giuliani will send his Biden “dirt” directly to the Attorney General.

TPM Reader MRK shares some thoughts before heading off to canvass in New Hampshire …

I’ve been trying to figure out why (other than systemic sexism) the media reaction to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign has been muted, especially since she finished ahead of Biden in Iowa. She didn’t over-perform and she didn’t underperform there, really. She should have been able to lay claim to the proverbial third ticket out of Iowa. Biden clearly did underperform, and if it weren’t for his consistently strong polling elsewhere, there would be real pressure on him to quit. But he’s a former VP with strong support from African Americans in the polls, et cetera.

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I have a long list of quibbles what with TPM Reader PJ shares here — mainly on conflating two very different meanings of “liberalism” and I think giving too little significance to the coalitional nature of the Democratic Party. But I wanted to share it with you because it’s a good contribution to the conversation …

I appreciate what you’re saying about the far left and liberalism. let me offer a bit of a counterpoint. I think there are some people who read Trump as an expression of something highly American. Maybe not intrinsically American, per se, but something that’s mixed in the DNA and which often takes over: white supremacy, masculinist fantasies of domination, an erotic fascination with violence. Moreover, we know where the roots of liberalism are: John Locke, contract theory, a social imagination that puts the individual at the center of the social world and struggles to understand that personhood is constantly being constructed, rather than etched in stone by a Maker.

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TPM Reader RW thought it was Klobuchar’s night …

I’m an undecided New Hampshire democrat–at least I was until tonight. I attended the MSNBC watch party and thought Klobuchar hit it out of the park (and so did most of the crowd). I’ve seen most of the candidates during their swings through the state, many in intimate settings. For weeks my wife and I have been agonizing about whom to support.

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In post-acquittal campaign emails President Trump has upgraded himself from the “perfect phone call” to the “perfect president”.

From one just this morning. “Like I’ve been saying all along, I DID NOTHING WRONG. If they had just read the TRANSCRIPT, they would’ve seen that I’ve been a PERFECT PRESIDENT.”

An update from the New York suburbs from TPM Reader FB

Tonight, a Republican County Legislator in Westchester County New York, David Tubiolo from Yonkers, switched parties and became a Democrat. This left the 17-member Westchester County Board of Legislators, which as recently as 3 years ago had a Republican coalition majority and arch-conservative County Executive, with NO REPUBLICANS. The sole remaining member of the minority caucus is a registered Conservative from the town of Mt. Pleasant.

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10:38 PM: Given that some really big things are going to be decided Tuesday and in the week or two just after I didn’t come out of this debate having any more sense of what is going to happen.

9:05 PM: This David Muir guy really typifies the worst of how the big news organizations approach foreign affairs. Most of his questions have centered on goading people into saying they’d start more wars, kill more people. There’s more to our role in the world than macho test questions about whether you would have killed this person or attacked that country. And it’s not like I’m a big pacifist. But that’s a really skewed, warped way of looking at our role in the world.

9:03 PM: Biden started the debate distant and vague. He’s at least showing energy here and focus. Not the highest standard of course.

8:52 PM: Good on Buttigieg for not getting goaded into saying he would have ordered the assassination of Soleimani. The ABC guy definitely tried.

8:48 PM: Bernie is 100% right. Reliving, relitigating 2016 is a disaster.

8:27 PM: Biden: “The politics of the past I think was not all that bad. … I don’t know what about the past of Barack Obama and Joe Biden was so bad.”

8:21 PM: One thing I keep thinking about in these health care debates is, can someone make the point that President Trump is trying to get rid of the ACA and eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions? I’m not saying that’s all that matters. We need to build on the ACA. But politically speaking, you just can’t never mention that.

8:16 PM: I respect Sanders for saying unprompted that everyone on the stage is going to support the nominee. I don’t doubt he means it. But that’s not what’s happening with his supporters. Not most of them, but many of the most vocal. That’s a big problem for all Democrats.

8:10 PM: Good follow-ups by Stephanopoulos. Bernie constantly talks about game-changing turnout, reshaping the electorate. But his own campaigns show little evidence of that.

8:08 PM: This is a rough display. I think Biden is right that both of the current frontrunners – Sanders and Buttigieg – are big big risks as the Democratic nominee. But Sanders is just more dynamic and coherent making his case than Biden is, in this specific exchange.

President Trump appears to be in the midst of firing some or all of the government appointees and career officials who appeared before Congress under subpoena. Lt. Col. Vindman and his brother Eugene, who works as a lawyer at the White House, were both escorted out of the White House today without notice. And just a short time ago EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland announced that he has been notified that he has been fired effective immediately.