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You’ve seen that President Trump has now canceled his meeting with Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G20 summit. That’s a shift. You may think it’s good news. The real issue here is that the President’s most crucial foreign policy decisions (remember, major crisis right now between Russia and Ukraine) are being driven both by his financial interests and, in this case, the fall out of his criminal acts. Meeting with Putin or not, Saudi-friendly or not – these have never been the core issue. The core issue is the root of his foreign policy, which is driven by personal enrichment and perceptions of threat. That’s a pressing danger for the state on all fronts.

This goes way back into the archaic age of TPM, even one of the obsessions I brought from my pre-TPM days at The American Prospect. But look at this

Corsi has hired Larry Klayman, an attorney known for taking on long-shot conservative causes, to assist in his defense. Klayman founded and later split with conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch and has more recently represented former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.

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I’m working my way through the wave of new Russia revelations this afternoon. There’s a lot here. I’m also trying to make sense of a handful of tips about what may be coming in the next couple days, trying to square them with each other and these various news reports. I’ll try to have a write up on all of this later this evening, possibly in the morning.

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It’s easy to lose track of President Trump’s various instances of criminal behavior. Because there’s so much of it. But when he says about a possible pardon for Paul Manafort “Why would I take it off table?” he says clearly that he sees it as a tool to defend himself against the Mueller probe. And that’s a high crime in and of itself. He doesn’t have to issue the pardon to use it as such a tool.

New York’s newly-reelected quasi-permanent governor Andrew Cuomo sits down for lunch with President Trump this afternoon. I’m not really a critic of Cuomo. I voted for him. But given that it’s President Trump, and given that New York State is the locus of Trump’s greatest legal jeopardy after the Special Counsel’s office, it’s almost certainly the case that Trump will ask Cuomo to intervene to protect him from New York-based investigations.

Those investigations aren’t really under the Governor’s control. But that hardly matters to President Trump. If you’re going sit down with President Trump, you need to expect this and you need to share that information with your constituents.

We had a slew of new developments since my last update. Let me try to give you my read on them one at a time.

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We’ve got a smattering of results in now out of Mississippi. Way to soon to know much. But it at least doesn’t seem like a Hyde-Smith blow-out. She clearly seems to be underperforming in some key counties. But remember, she has LOTS of room to underperform. For the best moment by moment analysis of the county breakdowns, I recommend the Twitter list of number crunchers I follow. You can see it here. Actual results data here.

9:04 PM: Later numbers are starting to look more solid for Hyde-Smith. But they still point to a pretty competitive race.

Mississippi run-off election results here.