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Now we have the AP confirming that Bezos investigators have confirmed that Michael Sanchez, brother and manager of Bezos’s girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, is the one who gave texts and pictures to The National Enquirer.

I addressed this on Twitter. Let me try to address it here. Yesterday, freshman member of Congress Ilhan Omar riffed on a tweet by Glenn Greenwald about Kevin McCarthy and pro-Israel politics in Congress.

She responded and here was my response to hers …

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The Daily Beast published an article last night that, through some circuitous and partly opaque sourcing, seemed to confirm a key point: At least in the narrowest sense, The National Enquirer got the Bezos text message from Michael Sanchez, the Trump-supporting brother of Bezos’s girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez. The principal sourcing comes from the AMI side. But critically, Bezos’s investigators don’t really appear to contest that point. Indeed, Bezos investigator Gavin de Becker tells the Beast that their “investigation into who initially provided the texts to the National Enquirer, and why it was done—that investigation is now complete. We have turned our conclusions over to our attorneys for referral to law enforcement.”

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From what I can tell we still don’t know much more about the Bezos/AMI story than we did when he published his post last back on Thursday. But I wanted to flag a few points that seem relevant.

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The Washington Post has a new poll out about Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and that poll shows clearly, for better or worse, why I think he almost certainly won’t be resigning his office. The top line number in the poll is that the state is split 47% to 47% on the question of whether or not he should resign. That’s certainly not great in general. But those aren’t the kind of numbers that make any elected leader actually step down. The underlying numbers though are even more revealing.

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I confess to being more than a little confused by this piece by Politico cofounder John Harris. Harris started out as a political reporter in Richmond. So it’s about the recent chaos and plunge toward the abyss in Virginia state government and the state Democratic party. As he summarizes it on Twitter, “The good old days in Virginia were bad. These days are worse…”

In other words, Virginia’s current political leaders don’t match up to the virtue and valor of those from the old days.

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Our Investigations Desk team explains what’s in the newly-unsealed Manafort hearing transcript and what it tells us about the Mueller probe.

The news out this morning is that the board of AMI has announced that it will investigate Jeff Bezos’s claims despite the fact that the company “believes fervently that it acted lawfully in the reporting” on Bezos. Bezos clearly has their attention. But here’s some critical legal background on this all might mean.

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Last night I wrote a couple quick posts on Jeff Bezos’s revelation about The National Enquirer, its parent company AMI and its attempt to blackmail him with ‘intimate photos’. This isn’t just a tabloid story. I suspect this is a huge story with potentially mammoth implications. I wrote this post explaining why and this one about key clues Bezos left in his public statement.