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With surprisingly little interest in or urgency about the shutdown now approaching its third week, Washington is now abuzz with the whipped up spat between President Trump and Mitt Romney after Romney wrote an unflattering oped in The Washington Post. Robert Costa says Trump’s critics see an opening and that one of his top advisors is getting calls from GOP donors asking Romney to challenge President Trump in 2020. Let’s please get real about this. Mitt Romney isn’t going to challenge anyone. President Trump won’t face any real challenge to his nomination and Romney’s oped was at best a mild rebuke.

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I went back and forth a few times about writing this post. But here goes. We were thinking earlier this month of doing a TPM Gift Guide, recommendations for holiday gifts. We ended up not doing that and I did my standard book recommendations list. But I had knocking around my head one gift or thing that I really did want to recommend. Now, just to reassure you, I’m not planning on getting into the tech review or tech recommendation business. But again, this was one thing I got this year that seemed dramatically better than any version of the same thing I’d used before. So I thought I’d share my experience.

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After meeting with Trump, Graham now says US is in a “pause situation” on Syria and that the President is reevaluating his decision.

Remarkable update here from The Palm Beach Post. It’s an update to an earlier story about how Mar-a-Lago members were abuzz about whether they’d get their moneys worth if the President didn’t show up, as promised, for the New Year’s Eve party they paid good money to attend …

President Donald Trump has canceled plans to spend the New Year’s holiday at Mar-a-Lago. A source who had planned to attend the Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve party said Friday Palm Beach was abuzz with members and guests talking about their own plans to bail on the Trump family’s annual gala.

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“He owed us a lot of money. And he was offering ways to pay it back.”

That’s the most intriguing and enticing quote from an article published today by Time. The quote is from a guy named Victor Boyarkin, who Time tracked down at a conference in Greece, apparently after quite a bit of sleuthing. Boyarkin works for Oleg Deripaska, the Russian oligarch and he’s talking about Paul Manafort.

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You may have seen the obituaries today for the famed Israeli writer and activist Amos Oz. Read those for insights into his fiction, non-fiction writing, activism. There’s another part of this story that resonates with me. Amos Oz wasn’t born Amos Oz. The name change itself isn’t that strange for Israelis of his generation. Many were hebraizing their names. Ehud Barak was born Ehud Brog for instance. There are countless other examples. But for Oz this came with a deeper rebellion and transformation. Oz was born in Jerusalem in 1939 as Amos Klausner.

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