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New York State is looking very good for House Democrats.

NY-19: Delgado (55%), Faso (43%) with 38% in.

NY-22: Brindisi (53%), Tenney (47%) with 60% in.

Collins has been up and down, still a lot of results to go. Max Rose has already won the State Island district.

Look at the latest results in the map down to the right. Or you can go to this page.

LATE UDPATE: Delgago and Brindisi win, according to CNN call.

10:11 PM: A good pick up for Dems. Max Rose defeats Dan Donovan in NY-11.

10:16 PM: No call but starting to seem like Abigail Spanberger is going to pull this off. She’s up by more than 2,000 votes with over 98% reporting.

10:23 PM: Collin Allred appears to have defeated Pete Sessions in Texas. Major pick up for Democrats.

10:26 PM: With about 50% reporting, Tony Evers has a 50,000 vote or so lead over Scott Walker. Not clear to me what the internal county breakdowns are there. But that’s a nice lead with 50%+ in.

Let’s take a deep breath. We’re not looking at a wave election, if by that we mean a night when all the races fall in one direction. The Senate almost certainly remains in Republican hands. But we knew that. Democrats remain traumatized by the shock results from 2016. Tonight has had more than a few moments that recalled that trauma and disappointment. But Democrats are putting together the numbers of flipped seats they will need to take the House. That is critical. Take a deep breath. A lot more votes to count. Democrats absolutely need to get a hold of a foothold of power in Washington. They appear to be on the way to do that.

Let’s say it. This is a much tighter, harder fought night that a lot of people thought. Joe Donnelly lost his seat in Indiana. Republicans have held Tennessee. It looks very tight in Florida and Republicans have the advantage in the Senate and Governor’s race. Democrats are still fairly well positioned to take the House. But it’s much more of a district by district slog than a wave. And there’s no guarantee as of 9:17 PM. A lot of counting to go.

9:25 PM: Here’s what the guy I follow in Florida says: “Florida Senate race is almost surely going to be in recount range. With what’s out in S FL, it should get very tight.”

9:31 PM: This has been a stressful night and we’ve already booked some key disappointments for the Democrats. But as of this moment Democrats appear to be booking the House victories they need for a majority in the House. I don’t mean they’ve won it. And it’s much closer than expected. But this is a district by district struggle now. And they’re – so far – getting the seats they absolutely need. Weirdly, it’s looking like Texas may net real pick-ups for the Dems.

9:42 PM: Perhaps this is stating the obvious. But the big take-away for tonight so far was that Democrats were energized but so were Republicans. That created big problems for Democrats in the Senate. And it at least limited Democratic gains in the House. Still a long way to go.

Nail biting time for the Dems. Top of the ticket races in Florida are super tight. Gillum and Nelson really need a lot of the votes in the South and it’s going to be tight.

Cook Report is calling KY-6 for Barr over McGrath. That’s a big win.

8:49 PM: AP calls Indiana for Braun.

8:51 PM: Spanberger now has a minuscule lead in VA-7. Other movement for Dems in Virginia too.

9:03 PM: Spanberger holding on to tiny lead.

A ton of results coming in. A bunch of calls Senate Dems. But all ones that were expected.

Two races I’m watching very close are KY-6 and VA-7. Razor thin back and forth all night in these races. Gonna try to dig into the county levels see what I can figure out.

8:08 PM: We’re started to see GOP holds in key House races. Not big surprises. But they’re notching them up. Rep. Brian Mast (R) in Florida. GOP is ahead in VA-5 and they’re ahead in VA-7.

8:17 PM: This is pretty nailbitey.

Still early, still uncertain, a lot of key races which are basically tied and bouncing between the Republican and Democrats with small leads. But we’re starting to see a key thing, maybe three of four House races that were not really on people’s radars where Republicans are now in tough races against Democrats. None of these races are necessarily Democratic wins. But in wave elections you get surprised on election night that races that weren’t competitive, didn’t seem competitive, actually are. That’s what a wave looks like, national trends are showing up in districts people weren’t watching.

7:50 PM: We’ve got an early confirmed pick-up, Jennifer Wexton in VA-10. This isn’t a surprise. This was seen as a very likely Dem pick up. But it’s a pick up. Meanwhile, the guy who I follow on everything Florida seems to be seeing good things.

7:53 PM: Remember 8 PM eastern is the flood. We who are about to be overwhelmed, salute you!

7:55 PM: Republicans seem to have won FL-25, Diaz-Balart. That was a real reach for Dems. But it was one to watch.

7:59 PM: Another Dem pick up: FL-27. But again, this was one of the low hanging fruits.