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2:20 AM: We don’t have network calls yet. But the Nevada Independent says Heller lost. That means he lost. Meanwhile, it’s starting to seem like Tony Evers is going to beat Scott Walker. If he does that’s both a big moral victory and a critical political victory, looking forward to both 2020 and redistricting in 2021/22. Big deal. Finally, Karen Handel is up by just 57 votes after 100% of the precincts are reporting. That must mean a recount, though I confess I don’t know the precise rules in Georgia.

1:51 AM: Here’s a surprising one. President Trump basically ran Mark Sanford out of congress. Democrat Joe Cunningham seems to have won his seat.

2:00 AM: This is the guy who knows Nevada. Pretty clear to me Heller will go down to defeat.

2:07 AM: Remember the state legislatures …

2:14 AM: You can take this to the bank …

Interesting. Stacey Abrams’s campaign manager says they think this race will go to a run off. In Georgia you need to get over 50% to win. Right now it’s 51 to 48. Very hard to see how Abrams can possibly come back. But she doesn’t need to. She needs him to come under 50%. Then there’s a run off.

Now if it does go to a run-off that’s a tough position for Abrams since the Libertarian candidate, who got about 36,000 votes gets eliminated and presumably his votes mainly go to Kemp. I know party operatives also were worried about whether Abrams turnout coalition could manage the same blitz again in a month or so. Who knows? But this one may not be over.

Don’t forget this. Florida’s results tonight were bitter for Democrats. But Amendment 4 won. That’s the amendment to end the state’s practice of lifetime felon disenfranchisement. Allegra Kirkland wrote about the amendment in one of the installments in our voting rights and democracy series.

This is not only an importance victory on principle, for democracy and voting rights. It’s also an important development for the future shape of the Florida electorate.

Nets calls it for Spanberger, a key win, taking down a truly odious tea partier in what’s been a very Republican district.

Still early. But we’re 41% of the vote in and Steve King is down by almost 6 points. Here’s the results page.

11:46 PM: King now has a 200 vote lead with 67% reporting.

Let me revise an earlier point. In the House, this is looking like a Democratic wave. There’s no inherent meaning to these words. It’s about interpretation and judgment. But this isn’t a squeak through result for the Democrats. They’re winning a lot of seats and in a lot of different kinds of districts. CNN just called Tenney and Faso going down to defeat in New York. We still haven’t gotten to California where Democrats could pick up several more seats.

New York State is looking very good for House Democrats.

NY-19: Delgado (55%), Faso (43%) with 38% in.

NY-22: Brindisi (53%), Tenney (47%) with 60% in.

Collins has been up and down, still a lot of results to go. Max Rose has already won the State Island district.

Look at the latest results in the map down to the right. Or you can go to this page.

LATE UDPATE: Delgago and Brindisi win, according to CNN call.