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President Trump brushed off a question on Friday about whether his recent tweet-storm against the Mueller probe was a sign of agitation over the investigation.

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President Trump on Friday reacted to a judge’s ruling to reinstate CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press credentials, saying, “We have to practice decorum.”

“We want total freedom of the press … we’re setting up a certain standard, which is what the court is requesting,” Trump said, according to a White House pool report.

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Friday he was “a little shocked” that a judge ordered the White House to reinstate CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press credentials.

Appearing on Fox News, Spicer said: “Look I’m no lawyer, but I’m a little shocked in the sense that that I think that there’s nothing that prohibited Mr. Acosta from writing on the White House’s actions.” 

“Obviously whether he has access or not, he, like so many other journalists, can write about the White House or any subject they deem necessary or of interest,” Spicer added. 

A judge issued a temporary ruling on Friday to reinstate Acosta’s press credentials. The White House stripped Acosta’s press pass after the reporter clashed with President Trump at a contentious press conference. The White House initially claimed it took away Acosta’s pass because he touched a press intern trying to grab the microphone from him. CNN sued to reinstate Acosta’s credentials.

Watch Spicer’s appearance:

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Former Sen. Rick Santorum, who gets paid to opine on CNN, said Friday that technology has degraded the quality of news.

“And as a result you do see a lot of fake news out there, you do see a lot of opinion leaking into the hard news cycle. And that is real. And if journalists just want to say that doesn’t happen, there is no such thing as fake news, I’m sorry, the public is not buying it because it’s just not true,” he said on CNN.


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