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David Kurtz is Managing Editor and Washington Bureau Chief of Talking Points Memo where he oversees the news operations of TPM and its sister sites.

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Rudy G’s big revelation leaves so many questions unanswered. In fact, the extent of the key missing information highlights what a total clusterf*** Giuliani’s TV appearances over the last 13 hours have been.  Here are the top questions (for Prime subscribers) that we’re framing our coverage around.

Deputy AG on threats to him privately and publicly: The Justice Department “is not going to be extorted.” Watch.

President Trump predictably went on a Twitter tear this morning about the New York Times scoop on what Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to ask him in the Russia probe.

But don’t be misled!

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Some of my earliest reporting experiences were covering local sheriff races in Louisiana, and I came away convinced that sheriff is the best elected position to hold. Hands down. But for pretty much all the wrong reasons.

Today’s feature by Allegra Kirkland exemplifies the problem.

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Is it Michael Cohen’s naked dependence on Donald Trump (and Trump’s predictably awful treatment of him) or the dispute over how much legal work Cohen was really doing for Trump that is the main takeaway from the big new Cohen profile? I can’t decide.

Patrick Fitzgerald and James Comey have separately confirmed this evening our story that Fitzgerald is a member of Comey’s personal legal team. Fitzgerald has been representing Comey since President Trump fired Comey as FBI director in May 2017, we have now learned.