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WH Accuses Bolton Of Selling Out 'Potential National Security' With Bombshell Book


During an appearance on Fox Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Grisham railed against Bolton after the Times’ report on his unpublished manuscript revealed that he had privately spoken with Attorney General Bill Barr about his concerns that President Donald Trump was doing personal favors for the presidents of China and Turkey.

According to Bolton, Barr responded by saying he himself was concerned that Trump’s friendliness with the two authoritarian leaders was undermining the independent nature of the Justice Department’s investigations into Chinese and Turkish businesses.

“Here’s a man who purports to care about the national security of this country,” Grisham said after the Times’ report came out. “And to leave the White House and immediately go write a book, it’s really disappointing.”

“Clearly he’s trying to sell a book,” she added.

The press secretary said she agreed with Fred Fleitz, Bolton’s former chief of staff, who wrote a Fox News op-ed demanding that his old boss withdraw his manuscript.

“How much does it cost to sell out potential national security in your country?” Grisham asked.

Bolton sent the White House a copy of his upcoming book on December 30. The book’s released date is scheduled for March 17.

Watch the press secretary below:

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