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Trump's Pardoned War Criminal Trashes His Ex-SEAL Teammates As 'Cowards'


In a video hashtagged with #thetruthiscoming on Facebook and Instagram, Gallagher railed against “all the lies” that were “said about me by certain cowards in my platoon.”

“For those who have and continue to slander my name, the truth is coming,” he warned in a voiceover.

The rest of the video played clips of seven SEALs speaking to investigators about Gallagher’s alleged crimes. Each clip was followed by the SEAL’s full name and position. Several of the names were slapped with a Trump-esque insults.

Gallagher was charged with several war crimes, then acquitted save for the charge of posing in a photo with a dead ISIS teen fighter, for which Gallagher was convicted.

After Trump pardoned him in November, Gallagher become the center of a feud between the President and then-Navy Secretary Richard Spencer that arose from Trump’s repeated meddling in Gallagher’s case to restore his military rank.

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