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Trump Celebrates Sebastian Gorka's 'Big' Win After Scuffle In Rose Garden


Gorka, a conservative commentator who briefly served in the White House as an adviser, got into a shouting match with Playboy reporter Brian Karem after Trump held a press conference.

The scene devolved into near-chaos after Gorka called Kemp a “punk.” For a moment, it looked like the altercation could turn physical. One of Gorka’s cronies came to his aid by shouting insults of his own.

The brouhaha broke out after Trump appeared in the Rose Garden to announce he was dropping his effort to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. Instead, he will seek to count non-citizens living in the U.S. by other means.

Gorka and other right-wing influencers found themselves in the Rose Garden after attending Trump’s social media summit earlier in the day, which focused on the conspiracy theory that tech platforms are unfairly biased against conservatives.

Gorka spoke about his disdain for certain journalists after the dust-up and explained why he blocks 16,000 people.

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