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Trump Sends Cryptic Messages To Iran In Unhinged Early Morning Tweet Screed


Trump also tweeted a second version of his tweet telling Iran to stop killing protesters apparently in Farsi.

Trump later claimed that Democrats were working to paint Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani as a “wonderful guy” and are attempting to downplay the intelligence that his administration used as rationale for the strike. The Trump administration has been arguing for weeks that an attack on Americans by Soleimani was “imminent,” but has not produced evidence for that rationale. Trump also spelled “imminent” wrong in his initial tweet, which he deleted and reposted minutes later.

He then retweeted a post he made over the weekend, suggesting he wants the Senate to outright dismiss the articles of impeachment once they’re sent over by the House, despite the fact that Senate Republicans have already indicated they’d at least hold the initial opening proceedings of a Senate trial.

The Monday morning tweet-storm follows a weekend of unhinged posts by the President, in which he castigated Democratic leadership as well as former Secretary of State John Kerry, posted more tweets in what appears to be Farsi and English sent directly to the people of Iran and even praised his own border wall. The online diatribe of mixed messages is notable as the President heads into a week of impending impeachment developments, including the possible launch of a trial in the Senate.

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