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Doug Collins Turns Down Trump's Potential Offer To Be DNI, Says He Wants To Focus On Senate


Collins, who has no experience in the intelligence community other than his ranking member role on the House Intel Committee, could have faced an uphill climb during a Senate confirmation process. That’s what ended up sinking Rep. John Ratcliff’s nomination over the summer. Ratcliffe lasted five days before Trump yanked his nomination for DNI.

Collins told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on Friday morning that while it was “humbling” to be considered for the position, he wouldn’t accept the offer if Trump did decide to choose him.

“Let me just tell you right now, I know the problems in our intelligence community,” the GOP lawmaker said. “But this is not a job that’s of interest to me, and it’s not one that I’d accept because I’m running a Senate race down here in Georgia.”

However, Collins promised that if he were to beat Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) in the bitter race, he would help Trump investigate the intelligence community, which the President and his lackeys constantly accuse of conspiring against him.

“We’ll be in the Senate next year because this intelligence community has to get it right,” Collins told Bartiromo. “I’m sure the President will pick someone appropriate for that job.”

After announcing that Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell will replace outgoing acting DNI Joseph Maguire, Trump told reporters on Thursday night that he was considering choosing Collins to take on the role permanently.

The developments followed reports that the President had grew furious with Maguire last week for telling House members, including House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA), that Russian government was meddling in the upcoming 2020 election to get Trump reelected.

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