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Schiff: Bolton Refused To Submit Affidavit To House After Senate Rejected Witnesses


Schiff told MSNBC host Rachel Maddow that while he and his colleagues haven’t yet decided whether to subpoena Bolton, they did ask the former official’s legal counsel if he would submit an affidavit under oath after Republican senators voted to block witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial.

“And he refused,” Schiff said.

The Democrat jabbed at Bolton for dangling his potential testimony in the now-concluded Senate impeachment trial but now “seems intent on saving it for his book.”

“He’ll have to answer for that,” Schiff said.

Democrats’ push for Bolton’s testimony and that of other witnesses in the trial ramped up after the New York Times published several reports on his unpublished manuscript.

The bombshell reports revealed that Trump had tried to rope him in his Ukraine pressure campaign, and that Bolton and Attorney General Bill Barr had fretted over the President’s alleged “personal favors” to autocratic foreign leaders.

Watch Schiff below:

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