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Not Exactly A Ringing Endorsement: Sessions Says Trump 'Won't Attack' Him In Senate Race


President Donald Trump said as recently as June that he still seriously regrets appointing Jeff Sessions as his attorney general, yet Sessions is still dancing for Trump’s endorsement of his Alabama Senate campaign.

“I’m certainly going to hope [the endorsement] will happen,” Sessions told Fox News host Bill Hemmer on Thursday.

“And he said he’s not going to attack me in the race,” he added.

During an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday night, the former attorney general pledged to earn Trump’s approval.

“Certainly I’m going to work for that and will be seeking it,” Sessions said.

“He doesn’t always get involved in primaries so I understand that,” he added. “And he’s indicated he probably would not in this one.”

As a matter of fact, Trump endorsed Luther Strange in the Republican primaries during Alabama’s 2017 special election to fill then-Attorney General Sessions’ seat.

Trump told reporters last week that he saw the “very nice things” Sessions had said about him on Tucker Carlson’s show the night before, but “we’ll have to see.”

“I haven’t made a determination,” he said.

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