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Bevin Concedes Election: 'We're Going To Have A Change In Governorship'


“We know of some things, but not enough to cause us to think there’s going to be meaningful change,” he said.

He also belly-ached about some absentee ballots being counted improperly, though added that it’s not “significant” enough of a number to change the outcome of the election. He provided no evidence to support the claim.

Bevin asserted that he would not contest the election, a possibility he floated in the immediate aftermath of Beshear’s upset victory. Instead, Bevin ultimately opted for a recanvass, a much more routine procedure where counties double check their vote tallies.

Beshear reacted on Twitter:

The writing was on the wall for Bevin’s concession, with other prominent Kentucky Republicans going on the record with their desire for him to face the music if the recanvass didn’t change the result.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) predicted that the state would have a “different governor” after the process and state Senate Majority Leader Robert Stivers advised him to “call it quits.”

President Donald Trump’s last-minute push in the state was not enough to get Bevin over the finish line, though he and his camp argued that the President’s endorsement is the only thing that got Bevin so close.

Watch Bevin’s concession here via the Lexington Herald-Leader:

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