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Trump Campaign Aide Boldly Hits Biden For Conflating War Hero Stories


During an appearance on Fox News, Lotter suggested that former Vice President Joe Biden’s failure to accurately tell a story about his encounter with a war hero, instead conflating several stories, suggests Biden is unfit for office.

“Unfortunately, I know a lot of people say these are gaffes, but it’s clearly a problem with Joe Biden. He gets about every detail wrong in a couple of minutes about this war story,” Lotter said on Fox News when asked about a Washington Post story detailing Biden’s incorrect telling of stories from Iraq and Afghanistan.

“He can’t remember who the prime minister of the United Kingdom is. He couldn’t remember what state he was in a couple of weeks ago. These are not gaffes,” Lotter continued. “It is a problem with Joe Biden, and it’s causing a lot of Democrats to start to rethink their front runner.”

Yet, it’s hard to take Lotter’s criticism seriously when Trump repeatedly makes false statements with abandon.

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