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Ingraham Accuses Fauci Of Being 'Medical Deep State' In New Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory


During a monologue on her show, Ingraham railed against Fauci’s so-called “one-man effort to depress us all” after the doctor told the Telegraph in a interview on Sunday that he “would hope that we could get back to some degree of normality within a year or so, but I don’t think it’s this winter or fall.”

“The medical deep state strikes again,” Ingraham said with a snort.

The Fox host then gave President Donald Trump a pep talk on live television, saying that he and his campaign “should simply not react to any of this alarmist COVID drivel from here on out.”

“None of these people, sadly including Dr. Fauci, can be really taken all that seriously anymore given what we’ve seen,” she declared. “Because science, just like journalism and entertainment, has become obscenely politicized.”

Ingraham’s attack against the medical expert is a repackaged version of Trump allies’ notorious “deep state” conspiracy theory, which attempts to shield the President politically by claiming without evidence that the intelligence community is secretly working to undermine him.

Fauci has become a lightening rod for conservatives’ fury over his sobering, science-based reports and predictions on COVID-19, which contradict Trump’s blatantly political efforts to downplay the severity of the pandemic as his approval ratings sink.

Watch Ingraham below:

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