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Calm Down, Everyone: Sanders Camp Says Warren Spoke To Sanders Just To 'Raise A Concern'


“She came to raise a concern, and he said let’s talk about that later,” Shakir told the Washington Post.

Many news outlets have made hay over Warren’s “snub” after she ignored Sanders’ handshake while briefly speaking to him after the debate.

However, the two progressive candidates refused to take the bait when the CNN moderators pushed them on Sanders’ comment to Warren about women winning the 2020 race.

Sanders and Warren have declined to attack each other for much of the primary race. However, cracks in the alliance began to show this week in wake of a Politico report on a Sanders campaign script that criticized Warren, followed by a CNN report on a conversation alleging that Sanders had told Warren that a women could not win the presidency in 2020.

Sanders has strongly pushed back on CNN’s report, and both candidates have emphasized that they wish to move on from the controversy.

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