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Bloomberg's Partner Encourages People Bothered By His NDAs To 'Get Over It'

“It was 30 years ago,” she added in an interview with CBS News.

Taylor has been romantically linked to Bloomberg since 2000 and has held many high-profile jobs in the private and public sector.

“I grew up in that world. It was a bro culture,” she said, concerning the unsavory comments Bloomberg made that prompted the NDAs. “We have come a very, very long way and Michael Bloomberg has been at the forefront of that change.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) hammered Bloomberg about the NDAs at the Nevada debate, pressing him to release his former employees from them right there on stage. He declined, saying that all he did was tell a few “jokes.” The response elicited boos from the debate audience.

The pressure grew so great that Bloomberg bowed a few days later, agreeing to release three women who’d signed NDAs about his personal comments from their contracts. He also swore to stop using NDAs at his company, and to install other structural reforms like family leave and equal pay.

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