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'Girl, Bye': April Ryan Shames Sarah Sanders For Not Holding Briefing On Iran


“I’m on a cross-country flight and very disturbed that in the midst of these serious issues of possible strikes against Iran that there was no briefing by Sarah Huckabee Sanders in over 100-plus days,” Ryan said in an Instagram video. “A day that she should have had a briefing, she didn’t. Serious issues of life and death. Serious issues of war and this administration chooses not to brief the American public. Shame.”

Ryan, who has sparred with both Sanders and President Trump during press conferences, added: “We deserve better.”

She also addressed reports that two White House reporters will throw Sanders a farewell party when she departs the administration at the end of the month. Ryan will not be in attendance.

“Sarah Huckabee, have your party,” she said.. I won’t be there. Girl, bye.”


h/t Mediaite.

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