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Nadler Says He Needs More Answers From Whitaker And May Issue Subpoena


“You owe us responses on a number of issues raised here today. Responses we intend to secure,” Nadler said. “I ask the Department [of Justice] to work with the committee to provide them. As part of that work I fully intend to call you back for an interview, under subpoena if necessary and I expect more answers at that time.”

Earlier in the hearing, Nadler mentioned that he would like to bring Whitaker back for a closed-door interview with the committee. But Nadler did not specify when that would occur, and Whitaker did not say whether he would be willing to attend.

Nadler told Whitaker at the conclusion of the hearing that the committee needs to know more about Whitaker’s briefings on the special counsel investigation and his communications with the White House about the probe, among other topics. Nadler in particular suggested that Whitaker gave a misleading response when he said he did not talk to the White House about the Mueller probe before joining the Justice Department.

“I would also note that your testimony was at best inconsistent on the topic of your communications with the White House prior to your tenure at the Department. It is not credible that you both interviewed for a job handling the President’s response to the special counsel investigation and never conveyed your opinions about that investigation to the White House,” Nadler said.

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