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Wilmore Urges Republican Voters to Keep Supporting Donald Trump's Campaign

Comedy Central

Wilmore praised Trump's reverse smear campaign in light of the recent rejection as a "tit-for-tat legal strategy-slash-presidential campaign rollout strategy-slash logic jujitsu."

Trump has threatened to sue some of the companies that have cut ties with him in light of his recent derogatory remarks about Mexican immigrants.

“I am really looking forward to the Trump presidency,” Wilmore said, adapting a Trump impression. “To combat global warming, I’ll be suing icebergs and polar bears. I’m also suing that hurricane that’s approaching Florida.”

In the last two weeks, Univision, NBC Universal, Macy’s and a Chicago-era brewery ended their business relationships with Trump after he said, among other things, that Mexican immigrants are "rapists" "bringing drugs" and "crime" across the border.

In statements to the press, Trump is insisting that he is the one who initiated the termination of business relations with Macy’s and NBC, prompting Wilmore to ask if he’s “trying to gaslight us.”

“Do you know how reporting works?” Wilmore asked. “We all know you were dumped.”