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Trump Spox Offers Bizarre Analogy For Why Trump Is Out Only For Himself

AP Photo / Gerry Broome

"Mr. Trump believes in putting your oxygen mask on first before helping others," spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said when asked for her reaction to Clinton's attack on the nominee's business record.

"Mr. Trump had four bankruptcies on the business side," she added, seemingly implying that Trump's filings were altruistic. "Never a personal bankruptcy. A lot of times, you have to use restructures to preserve jobs."

"They had to go out of business as a result of not getting paid by Donald Trump," Blitzer pointed out. "Would it be appropriate for him to say to these individuals, you know what, you lost a lot of money, here is the money?"

"Well, I think you're talking about the difference between running a private business and working in government," Pierson responded.

In her speech Wednesday, Clinton slammed Trump's business record, going after his history of bankruptcy and the number of lawsuits that have been filed against him by contractors.

"Many of those lawsuits were filed by ordinary Americans who worked for Donald Trump and never got paid. Painters, waiters, plumbers, people who needed the money they earned and didn't get it. Not because Donald Trump couldn't pay, but because he wouldn't," Clinton said.

"He got rich and got out. And he thinks that's something to be proud of," she added. "That says everything you need to know about Donald Trump."

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