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Sanders On Brexit: It's A Sign The 'Global Economy Is Not Working For Everybody'


"Well, I don't live in Great Britain," he said. "What worries me very much is the breaking down of international cooperation."

Sanders referenced European conflicts of the past century: "The kind of blood that we shed there is unimaginable. You never want to see that again. On the other hand," he said, "I think what this vote is about is an indication that the global economy is not working for everybody."

The results of the referendum have already had an impact on financial markets, with the British pound dropping to a 31-year low and U.S. stocks plunging in early trading.

"What we need to do is create a situation where there is more international cooperation," Sanders said. "But at the same time we do not forget about the people left behind."

"Morning Joe" co-host Willie Geist pressed Sanders: "So based off what you've said, then, is withdrawal from the E.U. then a mistake for the U.K.?"

"I'll let the people of the U.K. make that decision," Sanders replied.

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