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Ryan: Republicans Should 'Absolutely' Follow Their Conscience On Trump

AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

"Absolutely," he told NBC's "Meet the Press." "The last thing I would do is tell anybody to do something that's contrary to their conscience. Of course I wouldn't do that."

Ryan has endorsed Trump for president, and is the chair of this year's Republican National Convention.

This isn't the first time that Ryan has telegraphed some ambivalence about the presumptive GOP nominee. In previous comments, Ryan has said that his endorsement doesn't constitute a "blank check" for Trump.

While he didn't seem interested in heeding Trump's call to Republican leaders to "be quiet" and fall in line, Ryan also has said that he has no plans to revoke his endorsement.

"I get that this a very strange situation," he told NBC's Chuck Todd, calling Trump "a very unique nominee. But I feel as a responsibility institutionally as the speaker of the House that I should not be leading some chasm in the middle of our party. Because you know what I know that'll do? That'll definitely knock us out of the White House."