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Kris Kobach Speaks Before 'White Nationalist' Publishing Group

AP Photo / Charlie Riedel

The Center for New Community first noted that Kobach was photographed at the Social Contract Press' Writer's Workshop on Oct. 25:

The Social Contract Press is a "a Michigan-based publishing house that routinely puts out race-baiting articles penned by well known white nationalists," according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks extremist groups. Its publisher is John Tanton, a prominent white nationalist and anti-immigration activist.

Kobach's office did not immediately respond to a request by TPM for comment on Tuesday. About an hour after reaching out to Kobach's office, TPM received a call from a man who identified himself as KC McAlpin, the executive director of the Social Contract Press' parent organization, US Inc. McAlpin immediately said calling TPM was a mistake and hung up after declining to say how he obtained a TPM reporter’s phone number.

The secretary of state has a history with another Tanton-founded outfit, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Kobach has served as counsel for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, FAIR's legal arm.

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