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Dems Say They'll Stick With 'Abusive, Wasteful' Benghazi Panel

AP Photo / Bill Clark

“After yesterday’s 11-hour hearing, there can be no remaining doubt that the Benghazi Select Committee is a taxpayer-funded fishing expedition to derail Secretary Clinton’s presidential campaign," the committee's Democrats said in a statement. “After meeting with Leader Pelosi today, we are calling on Speaker Boehner to immediately shut down this abusive, wasteful, and obviously partisan effort. If the Speaker rejects our request, Democrats will continue to participate at this point in order to make sure the facts are known and the conspiracy theories are debunked."

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said earlier this week in an interview with Reuters that the panel's Democrats were concerned their presence lent "legitimacy, by being there, to a committee that really has none." The Benghazi committee was rocked in recent weeks by suggestions from both sides of the aisle that the panel was designed to target Clinton's political hopes.