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'Duck Dynasty' Star: David Vitter 'Made Some Mistakes, But Who Hasn't?' (VIDEO)


The ad showed the two men dressed in camouflage, presumably after a day spent hunting "out in the woods," as Robertson said in the video.

"I know he's made some mistakes, but who hasn't?" Robertson said in the 30-second spot. "The whole story of the Bible is about redemption. I'm concerned about our state."

Vitter then repeated the message of his last TV ad: "What defines us in life is how we get up and earn redemption. Where we are as a state is needing to get up based on strong, conservative principles."

After a strong start in the Louisiana governor's race, Vitter barely eked out a second-place finish in October's nonpartisan primary and was trailing Democrat John Bel Edwards in polls for the Nov. 21 runoff. Vitter has been on the defensive in recent weeks as his political opponents dredge up his prostitution scandals, both past and present.

Watch below: