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Working All The Angles


“CONVICTION MACHINE: Standing Up to Federal Prosecutorial Abuse,” by Flynn attorney Sidney Powell and Harvey A. Silverglate, is due out March 17.

The book goes Deep State hard, judging by a press release from its publisher, Encounter Books (its tagline: “Books For Smart Conservatives‎”):

CONVICTION MACHINE also shows that Americans have recently witnessed the unprecedented abuse of our federal law enforcement agencies, especially the FBI and the Department of Justice, to target the opposition political candidate, morphing into an effort to cripple President Donald Trump upon his unexpected election in 2016.

But most notably the book, or at least its marketing campaign, ties it all tightly to Powell’s defense of Flynn (emphasis mine):

Powell is now in the middle of litigation involving President Trump’s former national security advisor, Michael T. Flynn, who was bludgeoned into a guilty plea by the conviction machine while evidence of his innocence, setup, and wrongful prosecution was withheld.

Flynn’s sentencing has been postponed indefinitely while the court considers his request to withdraw his guilty plea.

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