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Settling All The (Trump) Family's Business


The McCabe development may seem like the bit of news that doesn’t fit. But it likely does. It’s never been quite proven but a mix of evidence and rumor strongly suggests that prosecutors in the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s office tried to get an indictment against McCabe last September. But the grand jury refused. Once that happens, there aren’t a lot of options for prosecutors to move forward, particularly on a case so flimsy and political to start with. It seems they just decided to leave McCabe hanging for six months as a sort of punishment. (Remember, the entire investigation and intended prosecution was pretty clearly payback for decisions made during the Russia probe.)

Good for McCabe. But making the closing of the case official today seems like a distraction tossed out to counter or distract from the other developments. Barr’s tsk tsk interview yesterday about Trump’s tweeting is probably best classed in the same category.

We see it now on all fronts. President Trump took his acquittal as exoneration and carte blanche to do really literally whatever he wants. What he wants is what he’s wanted from the beginning though been maneuvered or persuaded out of doing, which is having the DOJ work purely to defend him and his friends and target his enemies. We’re there.

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