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RBG Gives Us A Lot To Chew On


Her remarks speak for themselves, so I have excerpted them at length, especially as regards the census citizenship case and the partisan gerrymandering cases, which have not yet been decided and remain among the most-watched decisions still to come down from the Supreme Court this term.

  • On the impact of Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement:

  • Suggesting how closely divided the Supreme Court may be on this term’s still-pending cases:

  • Asserting the “huge importance” of the census citizenship question case and proceeding to characterize it in ways that seem to hint that the court has reached a decision she opposes:

  • Forcefully asserting what is at stake in the partisan gerrymandering cases, which remain pending before the court (the last line here seems very carefully honed):

All will be known in the next few weeks, as the current term winds down.

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