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Readers Respond on the Rise of Bloomberg

My initial impression when he first threw in was extremely negative: just what we need, another billionaire, and a guy with enough money to disrupt the process of narrowing down the field to a front runner everyone can get behind. But those ads on Facebook have been hitting my stream for months, and the messaging has been spot on for persuading someone like me: definitely left of center but increasingly unconvinced that none of the candidates has the stature to take down a first term president with a fanatical core following in a strong economy, even one with Trump’s baggage and negatives. He also benefits from NOT having been enmeshed in the endless series of debates, which has seemed all too much like a replay of the GOP primary in 2016, where Trump was able to stomp every one because he was the only one who wasn’t subsumed into that whole pre-packaged, consultant-driven exercise in predictability. In terms of the overall optics, to the NON-party viewers (if any of ’em even tuned in after the first few of how many is it now?), I think they all come off as artificial entities scripted by their handlers in the Search for the Zinger That Will Make Me President.

Above all, what Bloomberg is demonstrating is a sense of deep strategy, driven by his own instincts and powerful intellect, not purchased from a crew of political consultants. To me that’s a huge and necessary quaiification, maybe the most important one in this race. Obama had it–he had to, in order to win against the obstacles he faced. Trump has it, god help us. And Bloomberg seems to have it too. His rise despite/because of standing outside the pre-scripted process so far demonstrates it. As does the advertising strategy you focus on: he may be hitting my buttons so accurately on social because he’s got the latest data-driven marketing algorithms dialed in just right, but even more than in 2016 that too is an essential strategic ability, as Trump has proven. Are ANY of the other candidates making as good use of it? Not that I’ve witnessed.

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