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Readers Reply on Despair and Withdrawal, Part 2

Is the country really doomed to permanent disaster because of the minority Republican party’s semi-legitimate judicial appointments to the weakest branch of government? Is The World’s Dumbest Guy really going to establish a presidency-for-life on the back of 44% of the electorate?

I mean, these events are certainly a lot closer to happening than I ever thought possible, but it’s equally possible the Republicans never win the presidency again. It’s possible that after we admit the 53rd state, their senate advantage disappears. It’s possible we appoint enough judges to swamp all the bad ones there right now. If these events seem improbable, consider that the Republican Party is already semi-conspiring with Russian intelligence to keep Donald Trump in the presidency. That’s an absurd but true statement. All of the above measures are less ridiculous than what is happening right now.

The fact is that the Republicans are a minority and borderline regional party, with no foreseeable path to actually convincing their way to a majority. Even with the best economy in two generations, they will have to sprint just to barely win this election.

So on the one hand, there is a lot of despair-worthy stuff on the news. On the other hand, it seems appropriate to be hungry for another chance to beat these assholes, and for a chance to rebuild the country.

Despairing (and playing more Scrabble or whatever) in this situation isn’t just a bad aesthetic stance. It’s madness, and the only way we can lose.

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