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Mark Muro and David Victor at the Brookings Institution look at the impacts climate change will have on deep red states in the southeast, suggesting that opposition to environmental action there may not be as entrenched as we think.

Matto Mildenberger, a political science professor at University of California Santa Barbara, looked at support for climate change among Republicans, showing that climate denialism doesn’t actually dominate the party’s voters.

These two pieces really get you thinking about the ways in which we should be talking about climate change and trying to persuade climate skeptics to care.

We’ve also got an op-ed on how climate change has taken a particularly bad toll on our national parks already and a piece urging 2020 Democrats to better prepare to combat misleading anti-climate rhetoric.

If you want to check out all of our climate coverage this week, click on the “Covering Climate Now” tag at the bottom of this post.

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