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Links for Staying Informed about the Coronavirus

* Here’s a constantly-udpated interactive map created by Johns Hopkins which gives detailed information on confirmed cases in every country, deaths and recoveries.

* One of the most informative reads I’ve been following is the regularly updated summary provided by The New York Times. They’re publishing numerous articles on all aspects of the outbreak. But this is a regularly updated page that pulls all the key developments into one summary that’s a pretty quick read.

* Medscape is a new medical news site that covers lots of issues but they’re publishing detailed daily articles, more aimed at doctors or people in the field but also helpful information that is pretty digestible for a lay person. You have to sign up but it’s free.

* StatNews is a site you should know about even aside from worrisome potential pandemics. It’s a site run by the owner of the Boston Globe and it’s one of a new breed of sites focused tightly on health care. My familiarity with is mainly tied to their coverage of health care policy debates. But they have very good daily reports on aspects of the Coronavirus outbreak.

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