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Brick By Brick

It’s the culmination of a week of hearings in which Democrats have succeeded in using witness after witness not merely to lay out the impeachment case against Trump but to dismantle methodically the array of defenses thrown up around the President by Republicans.

I’ve spent most of my lifetime bewildered by how persistently ineffectual Democrats can be. They are nothing if not reliable in that regard. Congressional hearings over the years have been front and center as classic examples of Democratic wet noodle-ism.

But the last two weeks of hearings are marked departure from that ignoble tradition. It’s difficult to envision these hearings having been any more tightly structured, the presentation of evidence more clear and concise, or the case hammered home with such resounding consistency.

I give most of the credit to Schiff and crew, but it’s also, frankly, a measure of how airtight the case against the President is, how overwhelming the evidence is, and at the end of the day how indefensible Trump’s conduct has been.

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