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Exhaustion and Impatience

Has that pushed you toward one candidate or another? Or you’re just done with the whole and wdd as by your move on to Trump?

LS responded …

I’ve supported Warren since the beginning, but I will say that I’m a lot more forgiving now of the other candidates’ flaws & faults (real or perceived) than I was 6 months ago. Klobuchar throws things at her staff? Well, there’s a sexual predator in the White House, and anyway my DC staffer days are long past, so I won’t be working for her. Buttigieg’s is a Millennial? Well, POTUS puts kids in cages and us Gen X’ers didn’t want the Presidency anyway; we’re too cool for it (I didn’t say all my reasons were good).

But as someone who has always been politically engaged, LOVES campaigns and worked in DC in the mid/late 90’s, it’s been shocking how much I just want to tune it all out; we can’t get to the general fast enough. The requisite primary dogma of pretending that Bernie or Mayor Pete or whoever is the problem right now feels like the ultimate red herring.

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