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An Ex-Bernie Supporter's Perspective

Firstly America is not Vermont where greater Burlington makes up over 1/3 of the population. We can debate wether that is a good or bad thing but it’s true.

The grievance and victim politics that is part of the ethos of Bernie and his supporters is very disturbing. It shows up in the all or nothing attitude around the cult of Bernie. Even if it’s only a small precent, a few load voices can justify not showing up during the general. It’s almost a self fulfilling prophecy and in a what may be a close race it really matters. Why are they still complaining, ect. about 2016 primary being stolen or rigged against them. Why are they asking for a recanvassing (cherry picked precincts) of Iowa caucuses today, it was not stolen from you. And who gives a…… about Iowa! Again it does not remotely mirror the country or the democratic voters. Some of these people are still friends and they think I’m part of the problem.

I may be wrong but where is the evidence of systemic shift in GOTV or success of candidates he supported over the last few elections. Hilary got almost 4mm more votes in 2016.

I wish that both Bernie and Biden had not run this time. I strongly believe they sucked the oxogen & cash out of the system. I had also hoped Bernie would have become the elder statesman for the left flank of the excoriate and worked toward those goals in a different way but that is not who he is.

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