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A Direct Appeal

You discovered TPM during the Florida recount, or you’ve been reading since the Abramoff days or the Duke Cunningham days or the U.S. attorney scandal. You devoured our Obamacare coverage. You saw Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment here first.

You remember when I was TPM Reader DK. You remember when Greg Sargent was here. And Matt Ygelsias. And Elizabeth Warren.

You recognize TPM alum on TV: Evan McMorris-Santoro, Sahil Kapur, Lauren Fox.

You know Josh’s life story. You remember him with hair.

You still come to the site all the time, especially when the news is hot, or you’re bored at work, or you’re looking to get fired up.

If all of you who know and love TPM like this were Prime members, we’d be golden. Absolutely golden. We’d be able to devote more of our energies to the journalism we do, and less to this post I’m writing now. Believe me, we’d rather be breaking news, unearthing scandal, shoring up the foundations of the Republic and having fun while doing it.

Here’s a hard truth: None of the TPM stories you’ve loved over the years would be doable today if not for our members. You didn’t have to do anything back then but sit back, cheer us on and enjoy the work we were doing. But that’s changed now.

So if you love, love, love TPM, and you’ve always had good intentions about joining, but keep putting it off, I’m asking for you to take a moment to make the plunge. You have always been essential to this community we have built, and we need your support now more than ever.

It’s time. Don’t wait. Just do it.

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David Kurtz is Managing Editor and Washington Bureau Chief of Talking Points Memo where he oversees the news operations of TPM and its sister sites.