This Chart: GOP Favorability Takes A Nosedive Since January

This Chart: GOP Favorability Takes A Nosedive Since January

When favorability ratings were broken out by party of the poll participant, Pew found that the percentage of Republicans who had positive views of the GOP dropped by 20 point percentage points since January - from 86 percent to 66 percent - while positive perceptions of the Democratic Party among Democrats have hovered in the mid-80s.

Not much has shifted in regards to which party Americans thought could better manage the federal government, with the 2 percentage point advantage Democrats had on the GOP in October 2014 shrinking to 1 percentage point now.

The Democratic Party gained traction on specific issues, such as abortion, foreign policy, taxes, education, and the economy, where they were viewed more favorably now than they were in February.

For the report, Pew surveyed 2,002 adults nationwide via telephone between July 14-20, 2015, with a margin of error of 2.5 percent among the total sample.

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