Nona Willis Aronowitz

Nona Willis Aronowitz is the editor of TPM's The Slice and TPMCafe. Previously, she was an education and poverty reporter at NBC News Digital, a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, and an associate editor at GOOD magazine. She's written for The Atlantic, Washington Post,, The Nation, The American Prospect, Tablet, and Rookie, among others.

Articles by Nona Willis

In 2014, TPM's readers loved takes on everything from sexism on Fox News and rape in New Orleans, to illegal immigration and being the daughter of Cuban exiles, to interracial couples and black people (not) camping. We published open letters, tackled American myths, illuminated political flareups, and more. Below are the best pieces at TPMCafe—and a few from our new features section—in 2014:

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It's Lonely In The Minority

Now that they’re in the minority, this is the press corps covering House Republicans…