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David Fry came all the way from Ohio to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon to see the militia standoff for himself. He liked what he saw.

Fry – who has gone by the name of 'DefendYourBase' online, is a video gamer who once posted "Pray4ISIS" on his social media account and has called on the terrorist group to "nuke Israel."

Fry embodies the rag-tag nature of the Oregon standoff. While it is unknown how many people are gathered at the refuge, one thing is clear: The individuals there have all arrived for their own reasons.

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Self-proclaimed Superior Court Judge Bruce Doucette arrived in Oregon Tuesday to meet with Ammon Bundy's gang of militiamen and help them prepare for a so-called citizen trial against local officials who they say have violated ranchers' rights near the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

It is the latest escalation in the standoff, which has grown increasingly peculiar in recent days with militiamen tearing down federal fencing, surfing government computers and rummaging through refuge documents.

Doucette, 54, is a computer fixer upper man who also doubles as a judge (although he has no formal legal training.) According to a Facebook page that appears to belong to him, Doucette is a judge for the Colorado Supreme Court, which "ARE THE HIGHEST COURTS ON THE LAND. THEY HAVE THE TRUE POWER BECAUSE THE VERDICTS ARE ISSUED BY THE GRAND JURY OF TWENTY FIVE PEOPLE THAT ALL MUST BE UNANIMOUS IN THEIR DECISION, NOT THE JUDGE."

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