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She thought she'd be on the phone for a few minutes.

KrisAnne Hall, an attorney and self-proclaimed traveling constitutional educator, had called into a livestream radio show Thursday morning to promote her interpretation of the Constitution and applaud the final occupants at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge for a peaceful end to a more than month-long standoff.

But one man, David Fry, was not ready to go.

"I am actually feeling suicidal right now," Fry said after the three others had walked out and surrendered to the FBI.

“When he said 'I am not going,' for us, there was a moment of silence like we had been punched in the gut," Hall told TPM the next day.

The saga unfolded for well over an hour as Hall (pictured below) and internet broadcaster Gavin Seim pivoted from constitutional evangelists to mental health counselors. This had not been part of the plan, but they encouraged Fry to walk out of his tent and into law enforcement custody.

When Fry finally gave up, Hall broke down in tears.

"I don’t think I really fully understood the stress of the situation until the FBI turned off the phone, and we knew that he was safe," Hall said. "You could not see me, obviously, but in my hotel room, my body physically collapsed, and I could not hold back the emotion."

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President Barack Obama on Saturday night spoke warmly of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and promised that he would move to nominate a replacement in due time.

"I plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time," Obama said. "There will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the Senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. These are responsibilities that I take seriously, as should everyone. They're bigger than any one party. They are about our democracy."

Obama went on to say that those responsibilities were also "about the institution to which justice Scalia dedicated his professional life and making sure it continues to function as the beacon of justice that our founders envisioned."

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House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), released a sober statement celebrating the life and conservative accomplishments of Justice Antonin Scalia, who has died.

As Republicans in the Senate preemptively jump to warn President Barack Obama against nominating Scalia's replacement during his final year in office, Ryan's statement remained non-partisan. The House plays no direct role in the constitutional process of selecting Scalia's successor.

Read the full statement below:

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