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Update 12:00 p.m.: The National Park Service tweeted Saturday morning that they were sorry for retweeting some unflattering tweets about Trump yesterday during inauguration.

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Tweeting about crowd size can be pretty controversial.

The Washington Post reported Friday night that the Department of the Interior was ordered to stop tweeting Friday after it's National Parks Service account retweeted an unflattering photograph comparing Trump's crowd size to Obama's in 2009.

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It was the speech so familiar to President Donald Trump that he could have delivered it on the campaign trail.

As he took the podium Friday morning, Trump's inaugural address was short, but intense; a speech that darkly depicted his view of the country's shortcomings and sought in some ways to unify a country that is incredibly divided over him.

Standing among the members of the Washington establishment, Trump railed against D.C. and promised to restore the power to the people. With imagery of "carnage" and "blood," Trump showed no shift from the campaign rhetoric that got him to the White House.

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In its last tweet of the Obama era, the White House Twitter account sent out a photo with civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) front and center.

Lewis, who said Trump was not a "legitimate president" a week ago, chose not to attend the inauguration. Trump attacked Lewis last week in a series of tweets saying Lewis should focus less on criticizing him and more on helping his district.

"All talk talk talk - no action," Trump had written, which caused a lot of backlash given Lewis's major contributions to the Civil Rights movement.

The photo tweeted was from White House photographer Pete Souza and was taken in 2015 when the Obamas and Lewis marched for the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the Selma to Montgomery civil rights march.

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Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX) wants Senate Democrats to approve of more of Trump's nominees on Inauguration Day or else.

In a tweet Friday morning, Cornyn threatened to keep members in the Capitol all weekend if that is what it took to get Trump's nominees approved.

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