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As I explain here, not only did President Trump almost certainly know about the Trump Tower collusion meeting in advance. There’s strong circumstantial evidence he coordinated directly with Vladimir Putin in a secret, no-US-witness conversation to devise the false cover story that he dictated for The New York Times. I explain here.

According to CNN, Michael Cohen says President Trump knew in advance about the Trump Tower meeting from Don Jr., approved the meeting in advance, was looking forward to getting the dirt.

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Here’s a write-up of the Facebook’s market sell-off. The value of the company dropped by roughly $120 billion today, about 20%. In the write-up, Bloomberg’s Shira Ovide asks what happened and specifically how this all caught investors and apparently Facebook itself so off-guard.

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I hope I don’t abuse the privilege of telling you when something is a must read. But this article is an absolute must-read. Just go read it right now. Or let me share my take on it and read it afterwards.

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Surprised about Facebook stock falling almost 20% on disappointing earnings outlook? Investors seemed to be. But they shouldn’t. I hope I’ve been clear that I think Facebook is a bad acting company with a predatory organizational culture. Google exercises monopoly power that needs to be reined in. But it’s fundamentally different from Facebook, both in its actions, organizational culture and its effect on the larger civic and Internet ecosystems. I say all this just to put my cards on the table. But I think I’m on firm ground and cognizant of my biases when I say that Facebook’s business troubles are just beginning.

Here’s why.

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Technically, Alan Dershowitz isn’t Donald Trump’s lawyer. So his arguments don’t have any legal implications. But it is striking this his argument in this video clip – bananas on several other fronts – is directly incriminating on the campaign finance front. Specifically, he is saying that payments would need to be made to effect the outcome of the election.

As the news of “the tape” was breaking last night, I tuned in to Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox (don’t mention it) to see what Alan Dershowitz and the President’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani were saying about the new information. Below is a selection of clips that show the comical mix of nonsense and special pleading from these friends of the President.

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Remember that story about how Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Leader and now an arch-Trumper, told colleagues in June 2016 that he thought Donald Trump and Dana Rohrabacher were on Putin’s payroll? It got a lot of attention when Adam Entous, then with The Washington Post, published the article on May 17th, 2017, a week after James Comey was fired and the same day Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel. It triggered a momentary firestorm. But it got somewhat lost in all the other news of those critical weeks, in part because it was simply hard to know what to make of it. Was he joking as congressional press staff later claimed? Pretty clearly not. But more importantly, did McCarthy really have any basis for the claim? That was less clear.

Given all we know now, it’s worth revisiting not only the stunning quote but the context around it.

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