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TPM Reader JG on today’s “extra” edition of The Josh Marshall Podcast with Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) …

Just finished listening to this episode. I appreciate you bringing on not just journalists or SMEs, but also elected officials who have a voice that can help galvanize our efforts.

By far the best part came at the end: “Let’s say I have $200-300 to contribute over the course of the election cycle. How do I contribute most effectively?”

Holy shit, that’s the question right there. I’m politically aware and I vote. But I also have a bit of extra cash that I don’t contribute because where the hell am I supposed to send it?

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With all we’ve learned over the last six or seven months, Michael Flynn almost seems like old news. But I wanted to take a moment to place today’s revelation about a December 2015 meeting with then-Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak into a timeline context for the early months of the Trump presidential campaign.

This meeting came shortly before Flynn’s long-known visit to that Moscow banquet celebrating the 10th anniversary of Russia Today (RT). We don’t know specifically what this meeting was about. But it seems highly likely that it was tied to and in some way preparatory to Flynn’s attending the RT banquet with Vladimir Putin and others. That, of course, begs the question: what was the Moscow visit itself about? There’s no need to assume anything malign or conspiratorial about these early meetings. Foreign governments try to cultivate all sorts of U.S. government officials. Clearly, it was a relationship building effort. Flynn’s status as a three-star general, who had once run the Defense Intelligence Agency, would make him an attractive target. So would his building relationship with Donald Trump. 

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The fact that this taxicab family that is joined at the hip to Michael Cohen and his people is getting into the legal weed business is immaterial to me. But there’s a lot of key new information about the Michael Cohen money web in this new article from the AP. I’ll follow up later with an explainer on what it seems to mean. For now, if you’re following this story, give this a read.

As we continue to try to sleuth out just what Michael Cohen did for Donald Trump and whether he will choose to cooperate with the government, his finances remain key to answering both questions. With that in mind, this new Bloomberg article adds some new details to the picture we’ve painted so far.

The new information confirms the general picture but adds new details. How much is Michael Cohen worth? In the past, we’ve noted that Cohen has extensive real estate holdings. This new article from Bloomberg provides more detail about three key New York City holdings – an apartment building on the Upper East Side purchased in 2015, another Lower East Side building and Cohen’s Park Avenue home. From my own reporting, I’m pretty sure these are not Cohen’s only real estate holdings. But they’re key ones. According to the Bloomberg article, Cohen has at least $20 million in equity in the two major real estate holdings on the East Side. The apartment is likely worth around $8 million.

The taxi business is a very different matter.

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This week on The Josh Marshall Podcast I talk to journalist Ronan Farrow. We talk about his #metoo reporting and his new book War on Peace, about the decline of American diplomacy and global influence not just under Trump but going back decades into the late 20th century. Check it out.

Here I write mainly about politics and only occasionally about digital publishing. If you’re interested in that side of what I do, I went on the Digiday podcast to talk about it. Click here to listen.

There was a lot of crazy stuff this morning when President Trump called into Fox & Friends, the Fox Morning Show. A lot of color. But I want to zero in on several key claims or admissions he made about the Russia, Cohen and Stormy Daniels cases.

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