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Here’s the key concluding line from Charlie Cook’s article on the Corker meltdown: “Last week’s news reduced the odds of the GOP retaining its majority from a good bet to even money.”

So Cook, one of the best known election predictors, says it’s 50/50 who controls the Senate after the 2018 midterm.

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For the last nine months – in some way for the last 28 months – we’ve been told there was some breaking point coming where President Trump’s hold over the GOP, his supporters or some mix of the two was about to come undone. I flagged a few articles last night that suggested something like that might be coming. I’m not suggesting some major rupture is afoot. But for a few different reasons, I do think this blow up with Bob Corker may be something new and different.

This is for two specific reasons: the 2018 election and tax reform.

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Here are three articles you should read about the last 72 hours.

A ‘pressure cooker’: Trump’s frustration and fury rupture alliances, threaten agenda

Bannon Plans to Back Challengers to Most GOP Senators Running in 2018

Trump’s Feud With Corker Takes Him To a Darker Place

Also note this quote from Steve Bannon demanding Corker immediately resign for criticizing the President. All of these are spurred in some sense by the Corker spat. But it seems to be catalyzing something bigger.

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“If Bob Corker has any honor, any decency he should resign immediately. He should not let those words stand, what he said about the President of the United States.” Those are Steve Bannon’s words from earlier this hour on Hannity. Corker should resign his seat in the Senate for criticizing the President.

I just reread this Times OpEd “Will Liberals Give Weinstein the O’Reilly Treatment?” It’s by a staff writer at the Times opinion section, Bari Weiss. I’ve seen a number of articles like it. The subtext of all of them: While O’Reilly may have been run out of town on a rail for entirely legitimate reasons, a big part of the equation was not his behavior but politics and partisanship.

Will Weinstein get similar treatment?

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Yesterday The DailyBeast wrote up another thread of the Russian election subversion campaign on social media. The latest is a Youtube web show by “Williams” and “Kalvin Johnson”. According to their legend, Williams and Kalvin are two BLM activists from Atlanta who supported Bernie Sanders and then supported Donald Trump in the general election over the “bitch” Hillary Clinton. The show seems to have gotten only a tiny number of views on Youtube but it trafficked much more widely on Facebook and other platforms.

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Just a little background on this evening’s events on the immigration front.

Tonight the White House released a maximal set of demands for any deal to make DACA permanent. In fact, at least as Democrats understand the term, Trump is no longer even offering that. For that President Trump says he must have his wall funding, a crackdown on ‘sanctuary cities’, and a number of wholesale changes to the rules of immigration policy, specifically a new merit-based approach to issuing Green Cards and a focus on ‘ability to assimilate.’ There are at least half a dozen demands that are non-starters for a broad majority of Democrats – particularly Senate Democrats, which is where Trump will need some Democratic votes.